Who We Are

We are an assembly of sinners who are saved by grace alone, through faith alone because of Christ alone.

We are called to glorify God and exalt our Lord Jesus Christ by the working of the Holy Spirit in all our being for the purpose of ministering to the saints and laboring for the Lord of the Harvest in the gathering of souls.

We believe our purpose can be accomplished by:

  • Preaching & teaching the whole counsel of God using the paradigm of Law & Gospel

  • Utilizing prayer to seek the Lord’s guidance & blessing as we make intercession for saints & sinners

  • Equipping the saints for the work of ministry as they use their spiritual gifts to serve the Body of Christ

  • Training the next generation to be faithful to the Bible as summarized in our standards

  • Being salt and light in our community as a faithful witness to the Gospel


We Desire

We desire to see the Word of God accomplish its purposes in a believer so that he/she would have a greater understanding of the Scriptures.

We desire to utilize opportunities within this congregation in order to minister to one another.

We desire to minister to the youth of this congregation, as well as in the community.

We desire to minister to believers and evangelize non-believers in order to promote the growth of the Body of Christ.

We desire to evangelize our community. This work can include knocking on the doors of homes in our communities, but more importantly, should involve the way in which we live each and every day.

We desire to minister to the sick, down-trodden and the outcast, whether in prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, etc., as our Lord has commanded His Church to do.